“Jazz is a much more powerful idea than the details of the story it tells.”

Pat Metheny

A bit of history

The Jazz Café was born in 1995, in February, from the passion for jazz that Giuseppe Grasso shares with two friends. Together they decided to create a new entertainment format in Milan, unique in its kind, combining good food and ‘drinking well’ with the exclusive atmosphere of Jazz Shows.

Through the years…

Over the years, Jazz evolves and diversifies its offer of events, food & drink, anticipating trends with the aim of innovating and becoming a landmark for the city.

Over time we experiment in everything.

In the kitchen, the great classics of the Milanese tradition, such as the legendary Cotoletta del Jazz, are flanked by the colours and aromas of oriental recipes based on sashimi and sushi to the intense and uncompromising flavours of South American meats, without forgetting vegetarian recipes.

The cocktail bar is constantly buzzing and, along with the great classics, offers a list of exclusive signature cocktails that over the years have become a must-have.

The music broadens its palimpsest to include all the main musical genres; from jazz to pop, dance and house, following the line traced by fashions and the calendar of events that, for almost 30 years, have made everyone dance, including you.

Jazz Cafe today 

We are an easy chic restaurant club with a sophisticated and exclusive soul that shows a strong personality and becomes a destination for unforgettable evenings aimed at a transversal and international audience.

The club’s soul is made up of three elements: food, drink & club that come together to create a unique experience that stimulates all the senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Our shows are for everyone; from those who just like to watch and listen to those who want to get involved.

Our food&drink proposal is able to satisfy the most demanding palates moving between tradition and innovation.

Six rooms on two levels that we combine and set up according to the occasion. At Jazz you can have the experience of a London open space dinner club one evening and, the next day, find yourself at a private party in an exclusive invitation-only room.

Contact us

In addition to participating in the events on the calendar, you can in fact reserve one or more VIP rooms for your party, an entire floor, for larger parties, up to reserving the entire venue, obtaining from our staff the necessary assistance for the organisation of an event complete with show and entertainment.


Jazz is improvisation, let’s do it together .

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